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Update Your Payment Info With Your Favorite Digital Services All at Once.

CardSwap Makes Updating Your Payment Info Quick and Easy 

From streaming services and food delivery to subscription programs from online retailers, there’s a lot to like about the digital world. But updating your payment information in all those places when you get a new debit card or credit card is, well, a pain.

That's where CardSwap comes in. CardSwap allows you to keep watching, jamming, shopping, and working out. CardSwap lets you update the preferred method of payment for all your streaming and shopping services in one place. New card? New account? No problem with CardSwap.

Just think: Instead of updating your card information in a dozen places, your next binge session can last one episode longer.

Setting up CardSwap Is Easy.

Simply click “Card Services” then “CardSwap” in the navigation.

You’ll then select or enter the services you use. Just click “Get Started” to launch the services list.

Next, you’ll enter the card information from the card you want to use to pay for each service, including your name, the card number, expiration date, CVV (security code on the back of the card), and billing ZIP code. Once you click on the brand, the “Next Step” bar appears. Click it to enter the card data, then click “Verify Card.” Depending on the brand’s security requirements, you may be required to enter a Secure Access Code to complete the process.

Check out our FAQs with any questions you may have about CardSwap.

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